Frequently Asked Questions

1What should I look for when selecting a studio to photograph and video my wedding?

Most importantly, you want to be sure that the photographer will be in business and is financially secure at the time of your wedding and after your wedding.

Secondly, the studio should have the following:

  • A Facility, or a Studio. Would you really feel comfortable designing your personal wedding album in some photographer's basement or at a coffee shop? Didn't think so.
  • Value. You do not need to spend a fortune to have excellent pictures and video. Save your money for your house or retirement.
  • Inclusive coverage, products, and service. Many photographers nickel and dime for everything.
  • Back up photographers and camera gear. Unfortunately, accidents and emergencies DO happen!
  • Payment options. Weddings are incredibly expensive, so you may need options and flexibility.
  • Insurance. Most wedding and event venues and facilities require photographers to carry a one million dollar insurance policy. How painful would it be to book someone and then realize they cannot photograph there because they are not insured, and you loose your deposit - Ouch!
  • Customer Service. Make sure your choice of studio has a receptionist, or an office manager to assist you and answer your questions. How crazy would you get if the photographer could only get back to when they are available.
  • Proofing options. Many photographers only give one proofing option. For instance, on the Internet, on a CD, or a Proof Magazine. Make sure you tell them how you want your proofs.
  • A Design Team. It's your album, so you should have the say in what images will go into your album. Believe it or not, some photographers feel as though the client should not have a say to what goes into your album design! That's plain ridiculous.
  • Pro Labs and Albums. You deserve the best'these are your wedding photographs! Don't get fooled by a photographer who gives you the CD and a handful of glossy prints from a wall-mart.
2What happens if the photographer or videographer gets sick, or has a personal emergency the day of your Wedding?

Make sure the Studio you contract has back-up photographers, videographers and systems available on the day of your wedding in case that the worst does happen. If you are considering an independent, what would occur if something happened to him or her either on the day of the wedding or even weeks or months before your wedding?

Scrambling to find a qualified photographer or videographer at the last minute is often very difficult or impossible. C. Pruett has a state of the art back up system in place so we never miss a beat.

You will relax knowing that we have a huge inventory of backup professional camera gear, and that we have staff photographers and videographers always ready to go in the event of an emergency.

3How does C. Pruett compare in price and quality to other studios?

Great question!

Did you know that according to Philadelphia Wedding magazine's latest Bridal Budget Survey (Spring 2008), the high end Philadelphia Bride spent $15,750.00 on her Wedding photography and video, while the Bride who got a "steal" ONLY spent $5,000 on photography alone?

No wonder C. Pruett is the area's leader in Wedding photography and video...You get both photography AND video for under $4,600!

That's right! As for quality, no other photographer has won more professional awards than C. Pruett.

In conclusion, we encourage you to shop around, measure quality and price, and then visit C. Pruett so we can help you make the smart decision!

Does the studio offer Wedding video shot in High-definition?

Let's face it, if you do not currently have a HD or HD ready TV, you will in the near future. HD wedding videos are here, and they are here to stay.

C. Pruett is proud to offer this new service to you, and we are excited to show you all the benefits as to why to upgrade your wedding video to HD.

4Which photographer will photograph my event?

Whichever one you would like, providing he or she is available on your day! Many of our photographers do get requested many months, if not a year in advance, so with our request retainer program you can lock in that particular person if you wish. If you do not know any of the staff, we will gladly assign a staff photographer to you based on your styles and interests. You then have the option meet them to discuss your ideas before the big day.

5Does the studio have a physical or virtual office?

Some photographers try to contract weddings in coffee shops or in their homes. Be sure to find out where you will be serviced after the wedding, especially if there is a problem and you need to meet with someone.

Do you really want to design something as personal as your Wedding album in a public place like Starbucks?

Also make sure that you are involved in the design process. Don't be a victim of a Photographer who only 'e-mails' you your design and asks for approval.

At C. Pruett we understand that it's your Album, and that you will want it exactly the way you want.

6Can you see sample albums and wedding DVD’s in the consultation?

Do not just look at images on a website, or a fancy slideshow as these will not show you what your finished pictures, albums and DVD’s will look like.

Look at the back of the prints to make sure that they are printed on real professional photographic paper, versus an at-home amateur printer, which will fade quickly.

C. Pruett only uses the finest labs, album binderies, and frame makers available.

Our photographs are guaranteed for a lifetime.

7Is online viewing available?

Some clients, especially those with many out-of-town relatives, like to be able to view their wedding photographs online. It will also remove you as a 'middle- man' for purchasing photographs for your family and friends.

C. Pruett offers I-pix. The best way to display your wedding photos with your family and friends on the internet.

8Your photography and video is excellent, are you very expensive?

The short answer is no, we are not. Actually, our clients continue to say we are the best value around.

At C. Pruett, our collections include the time, labor, talent, and also the prints and albums at half the cost of the average wedding photographer in the area.